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Trolley Handle Bar Covers

Trolley Handle Bar Covers

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We have you covered when your out doing your groceries with a ZBC trolley handle bar cover!
With the current global pandemic crisis in relation to covid-19, we wanted to create and provide a product for not just mum and bubs but for any adult who is out in the public doing their groceries!

Did you know that germs are held on the plastic surface up to 72 hours!! I wouldn’t want to think how many germs have been spread in that time frame!
Dimensions : 20 inch Wide.
Materials: All trolley handle covers are designed to have three layer protection.
First layer: Printed cotton of your choice. (120 prints to choose from )
Second Layer: Padded protection.
Third layer: cotton poplin material.

The handle cover is secured with a 4 point safety press studs to ensure the perfect fit while keeping you free from germs. All handle bar covers are machine washable. 
You never know what was on them before you touched and handled the trolley.

Now shop with peace of mind. 

Please leave a message at checkout for customised options. Leave a message with what fabric number you would like for your item.

Turn around time: 2-3 Days.

ZBC xoxo

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