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Money Boxes

Money Boxes

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Introducing our personalised money boxes!


These money boxes are the perfect newborn baby gift, milestone, or Birthday gift for your little loves. Adding the special touch into a little ones life by completely personalising and customising these money boxes with your choice of: name, images design and colour font. 


Our unique money boxes are a memorable and practical go to gift that they will cherish for many years to come, along with teaching them the value of money right from the get-go.


The clear acrylic panel at the front is not only a classy and classic money box feature, it also allows you to watch your savings grow as the coins reach the top. Once full, simply lift the back of the backing slip to access the savings.

( So much easier, then trying to shake the money box out to receive all the coins like other money boxes on the market.)

To personalise and customise your own money box simply leave a comment upon checkout or send us an email or contact us on any of our social platforms and we can create the ultimate money box for any request.


• Made of quality paulownia wood.

•Clear panel in front to watch savings grow
• A very generous size money box 14 cm high x 8 cm wide and 12cm in length.

•Each money box contain a clear panel with your description of font and image, allowing you to have easy visibility to watch your money-saving grow.
• Professionally customised to be suitable to your requirements. We can make anything, feel free to message us with any additional requests
• Top coin slot perfect for all coins and folded notes


Opening the personalised money box is easy as, sliding the back of the panel up, to access the money. Once empty slide the backing down into the slotted grove to be held in securely and start saving again.


Please choose your design preferences by sending us a message.


Should fingerprints or dust appear on the clear acrylic, gently wipe down your acrylic plaque with a soft microfiber cloth, liquids such as water or cleaning products should NOT be used. Also avoid sponges, scourers, paper towels, etc as they will leave scratches on the acrylic plaque.

Should you not find exactly what you are looking for, feel free to send us a message to discuss the possibilities.


$26.50 each or any 2 for $45!

ZBC xoxo

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