Single Trolley Liner

Single Trolley Liner

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Shop with peace of mind that your little one is not collecting germs from shopping trolleys.

ZBC knows how frustrating it can be when your little babes pick up germs and come down with a bug!


That’s why we created a trolley liner to stop  germs, to  protect not only your little babes but yourself from germs, and adding extra comfort for your child, with 300 gram wadding in each liner. ZBC trolley liners cover the child’s seat, handle bar, and all areas a child and parent would touch, while out doing groceries.

These are available in over 100 prints providing a wide range of vibrant, neutral, licence fabrics and colours where we make to your request!

When you choose ZBC you can be assured you will not be disappointed by the quality standard and comfort for your little babes.


Trolley Liner Features:

• Suitable for any trolley of any size. 

• Age 5months - 5 years of age.

• Machine washable. 

  • Free from Germs.


For as little as $35, your little ones will be thanking you, for spending money on something that will keep them free from bugs and germs.

ZBC xoxo

Why choose us?

Buying from ZBC you are specialising a small business who specialisies in handmade products. We strive to provide our customers unique, affordable products every single day. Our products are customised to each customers preference - leaving it a rewarding shopping experience tailored to your individualistic preference.

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