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Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads - Single & 3 Packs

Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads - Single & 3 Packs

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Are you a breastfeeding mum looking for a ‘Breast Friend’?

Look no further than ZBC organic, bamboo, reusable breast pads!

We know that no tired mum wants to be getting out of bed at night for anything other than their breastfeeding baby. That’s why we have designed our high absorbency, reusable bamboo breast pads. These reusable nursing pads are so thick that in most cases you will be able to wear them all night without leaking. 


All women breastfeeding will have some milk leakage. The amount varies for each individual. Some women leak a lot, some a little. Either way, be prepared. This is an essential item for your baby bag.

ZBC  breast pads are made from soft eco friendly organic cotton and soft bamboo. 


These bamboo organic breast pads are both sustainable for the environment and your wallet. You will never have to buy disposable breast pads again!

ZBC breast pads now adding a 4th layer of protection to their breast pads.

All breast pads are professionally finished with an overlocker on the edge making these ideal for multiple washes. Due to the layer of PUL these are not recommended to be placed in the dryer.

Many repeat customers are an endorsement to the quality of the product.

Individual breast pads and 3 packs available or

5 pack and 10 packs available. 

For all customised items - Please leave a comment at the checkout with your selection of fabric(number is displayed with fabric and can be viewed on home page).

ZBC xoxo

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