Bunny Ear Romper

Bunny Ear Romper

Regular price $30.00

This beautiful Easter Bunny Ear Romper is made up of a soft, breathable cotton.

The straps are looped through a button hole to create the bunny ear straps. The straps are adjusted to suit each individual child. 

We are able to customise this design in any plain colour, our every day fabric or through our fabrics which are available to browse on our home page. Just make sure to select ‘ Customised’ and leave a checkout on checkout which fabric you would like made up in this design or send me a message to discuss further.

Sizes: New born - 3 Years. 

$30 each!

ZBC xoxo 

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Buying from ZBC you are specialising a small business who specialisies in handmade products. We strive to provide our customers unique, affordable products every single day. Our products are customised to each customers preference - leaving it a rewarding shopping experience tailored to your individualistic preference.

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